A New Brand of Lighting

Redilight is a stylish, solar powered lighting system for the home and office

Bring the Sun Inside

The Redilight system brightens the darkest corners of your home or office using light fixtures powered by roof-mounted solar panels. This clever solar powered lighting system brings energy-efficient lighting to nearly any indoor area.

Why Choose Redilight?

ENERGY-EFFICIENT – By harnessing the sun’s free energy, Redilight delivers the cost savings of solar to your home or office.

CUSTOMIZABLE – One Redilight solar panel can power several Skyfixtures at once, creating flexible lighting solutions for any building style

HIGH-QUALITY – Manufactured using the finest components, Redilight comes with an industry-leading warranty and is UL certified. Guaranteeing your lights for years of use.

SMART – Use your Redilight day or night. Switch between solar or grid power with our smart lighting kits.

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